12 days to less self days 11 & 12: Three ways to become other focused in 2013


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Less self, more others.

Let’s continue focusing on others more and ourselves less in 2013. Here are three ways we can keep this new resolution.

1. Spoil our spouses/families with appreciation, affection, respect, forgiveness, and love (I know this will be a challenge for me, but it’s one I need! How about you?). This must become a daily habit. All we have to do is start, even if small. An extra hug, a compliment, a surprise, or an “I’m sorry” go a long way sometimes.

2. Give much more than we get or buy.

3. Take care of ourselves by eating right and becoming more active so that we have the energy and emotional health needed to support and help others.

What are your plans to focus on others this year? How will you help your family become other focused?