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How long is your Christmas list?

We all have one. Even if we never write it, we all have a wish list in our heads of the next big thing (or things in my case) we want (“need”).

It usually involves bigger, better, faster versions of things we already have that can do our taxes and make our coffee in the morning, too.

This year our challenge is to shorten our lists. Most of us are wealthy compared to those living in the impoverished areas of the world. We have the opportunity to bless others with our own blessings. Let’s encourage our families to do the same.

Here’s how we can shorten our lists to help change our focus to giving.

1. Write out your wish list. It may surprise you how long it is. Cross everything off. Will taking away all those wishes take away your joy? When we meet our Maker we will leave this earth with empty pockets.

2. Limit or reduce the amount you spend on each other. Going into debt to buy elaborate gifts for one another or your kids is never a good idea. Kids are entertained and delighted by some of the simplest (and afforable) things. Cardboard box playhouse anyone? Get on Pinterest and get creative!

3. Make a giving list. Write out 5 things or ways you want to give this Christmas. Make plans to take action and involve your kids in the process if possible. Giving generously is not an instinct.

What other tips for shortening your list do you have? Share your ideas in the comments!