When I began the 25 Days to Less Self series I had every intention of finishing it and knew the topics I thought I should write about.

Funny thing about making plans is that they often must change.

I believe this series is important and my hope and prayer is that you have been inspired to become other focused all year long.

Instead of continuing to 25, we will stop at 12 (Yep, a reference to the 12 Days of Christmas). Tomorrow the series will continue with day 9. The series will now be 12 Days of Less Self. You will see name changes on the previous posts. Day 9 is about reaching out to outcasts, including those we might not think of as outcasts.

Thank you again for your patience with me as I get back into the writing groove.

Exciting things are on their way! My husband and I are planning to begin a marriage coaching service, hopefully in the near future. We are also working on a blog for couples we will both contribute to. We would appreciate your prayers and thank you for your support in this endeavor! Stay tuned for updates!