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I’m baaaaack!

Thanks for your patience as we kick off this new series. We just moved to a new house. I forgot how crazy moving can be! I did not plan posts ahead for this series because I want to let my posts unfold as the series progresses.

We will continue focusing on others into the new year.

How is focusing on others going for you this week? For me one word comes to mind.


Selfishness is a good friend of mine and with the new house it is so difficult to say no when she wants to hang out.

Someone can’t pay their bills…but I need this picture frame.

A student will not have much if anything under the tree this year…but we really need a new______ for the house.

A co-worker needs to talk…but…it’s just…if I wasn’t so busy I would sit and listen for as long as she needs.

Christmas really is the worst season to focus on others. I am not talking about when you drop a quarter in Santa’s bucket or buy an extra toy for a kid in need without sweating it. I mean when we truly go beyond our comfort zones to bless others in radical ways.

I want to bless others beyond what they could ever dream or deserve. Not because I should. I want to be generous out of joy and gratitude to the One who is always much more generous than I will ever deserve. I definitely need His help and prompting to do so!

Who can you bless in a radical way this week? It doesn’t always have to involve cash.

Do you ever feel guilty about not giving more generously?

Read and meditate on this as you give:

“One person gives freely,

yet gains more; another withholds what is right, only to become poor.

A generous person will be enriched,

and the one who gives a drink of water

will receive water.”

Proverbs 11:24-25 HCSB