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Rex Sorgatz (Creative Commons)

After taking a break to ask myself what I want to write, why I write, and where I believe this blog is headed, I have decided to make some changes.

From now on, I will exclusively blog about marriage. Marriage is the most popular topic I’ve written about and it is often on my mind and heart. My husband and I have a passion for helping encourage couples to strengthen, protect, and enhance their marriages. We believe the institution of marriage as a whole is deteriorating. Marriage is no longer taken seriously. Our society treats marriage like a pair of shoes. When they are no longer shiny and new or we get tired of them, we just replace them. We intend to change this perception.

For the month of October, I will only blog when inspired or when I truly believe I have something I must share with you. This will allow me to organize the changes I would like to make and to work on a few other projects I have been putting off. Want to focus on a project you have been putting off? Join me in completing the Writer’s Unite challenge at Uknownjim.com. You can also join the Facebook group Writer’s Unite or use the hashtag #writersunite on Twitter. I hope you will join us!
Thank you to my wonderful readers for always supporting my ideas and providing your honest feedback and responses. If you have any suggestions for topics on marriage you would like me to address/write about, I would love to hear them!