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This has been one of the most difficult school years of my teaching career and we are only five weeks in.

The one constant in education is everything is always changing. Sometimes this means all at once, coupled with the usual challenges. This year is one of those years. As a result, my day job has consumed my waking hours and left me very little time to write posts.

At first, I jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I assumed missing a few posts would mean everyone would drop their support and run. Funny thing is, no one has. Not even one of you.

This break has actually been a breath of fresh air. It has given me a chance to reflect…to look at why I write, how I write, what I write. It has given me a chance to ask myself some important questions.

If writing is my primary dream, what kind of writing? I love to imagine being a children’s book author who writes Oscar winning screenplays while blogging about marriage. This is a little impossible. Not completely, but I think I need to narrow it down, at least for now.

If full time marriage ministry with my husband is my primary dream, what will that look like? How can we actually make a living doing this?

A season of change is here. I’m not sure what it will look like or how it will all work out just yet, but it’s here. No matter how difficult, I’m choosing to embrace it and listen for His voice amidst the noise.