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All seems well. Everything is going as planned.

Finally, a time in your life to just “breathe”. Sigh.

Then life inevitably happens.

A new job or major job changes.

A new child or new parenting challenges.

A family crisis, a friend crisis, divorce.

Loss, pain, stress, pressure…

It all begins to surmount and before you know it your peaceful state of life is now a whirlwind of raw emotions and stressful circumstances.

Enter “survival mode”.

Getting through each day, let alone truly living each day, becomes your goal.

If I can just get through Monday.

If I can make it through this week, Saturday and Sunday will be here soon.

If I can get out of bed.

If I can manage to have clean clothes and brush my teeth.

If I can just reach the end of the day…the end of this hour.

Survival mode is no fun way to live. It diminishes hope. It makes you wonder if there will ever be an end to the daily agony you face.

It makes you angry with God…you shake your fist in anger at the unknown path he is taking you down.

Why me? What happened to my peaceful life? What happened to time with my friends and family? What happened to “normal” life?

Will I ever get it back?

I hate survival mode, even if it is just a season. Sometimes a season seems like a lifetime.

Whatever he asks, wherever he asks I will go. I will follow. I will trust his knowledge of my path and enjoy his increased presence in this season of survival.