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It seems the new blog post trend is to write a letter to your teenage self. I’ve seen some pretty good ones, but I doubt I’d have any infinite, mind blowing wisdom to impart to my teenage self. Instead, I think my teenage self would have a lot to say to me if she ever hitched a ride in a Tardis and decided to visit.

Dear Future Self,

So, you didn’t go to film school? I forgive you. The only question I have is, why haven’t you written any screenplays yet?

You still jam to Ace of Base? Not cool.

Please don’t be so hard on yourself. No, you aren’t as skinny and cute as you once were, but you work hard. You help change kid’s lives. Some people may think you play all day. Based on observations of Mom’s classroom, I have a hunch they are wrong.

I don’t know about the tattoo thing. Think it over. At least pick something cool that won’t be ridiculous in 15 more years.

Please dump any guy we date in the future who tells you it is wrong to listen to secular music or believes he is your Holy Spirit. Not worth it. Move on. I want that baggage gone by the time I’m your age.

I see that you are married. Do you know how lucky you are to have found your best friend, the one you will love the rest of your life? Don’t take it for granted.

Never, ever give up.

Enjoy life. 30 is not THAT old. You still have a few good years ahead.

But, yeah, it’s kind of old. It’s the age when people have kids and start wearing sweater vests. Eww. Please never wear sweater vests or apple themed sweaters passed down from Mom.


Melissa at 16