White dress. Check.

Perfect venue. Check.

DJ, three tiered cake, and a place for all the cousins to sit. Check.

Baggage from the past unpacked?

If you can’t check this one off your list yet, do it now…before you walk down that isle.

Some have a simple clutch full of a few little problems. Others have a whole set of baggage.

Your secrets, lies, past, heartaches…whatever bags you have will not get up and walk away when you say “I do”. No one is going to pick them up at baggage claim. You can’t throw them over the side of your honeymoon cruise ship.

Your baggage is yours and it’s here to stay. The only way to get rid of it is to unpack.

Deal with your past before it deals with you.

Begin with one bag at a time. Take one day at a time.

Talk to a professional. Get a mentor. Get right with God. Your honeymoon is too late to begin.

What if you’ve still got a closet full of baggage, years into your marriage?

1. Don’t give up. 2. Ask for help. 3. One bag at a time.

Question: Have you unpacked? What’s holding you back?

You are ready to unpack if the pain of your past becomes more difficult to endure than the pain of unpacking.