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Thomas Abbs (Creative Commons)

Somehow, I survived this first week back in school. It’s always a grueling week. There’s very little time to get everything done, much less time to grab something to eat or take a bathroom break. I’m supposed to be the adult, but sometimes I just want to throw a fit or ask the nurse to call my spouse to pick me up early. I know, I’m the teacher. I can’t do that. Here are a few other things teachers often wish we could do but can’t.

After eating breakfast at 5am and with no sign of a break any time soon you are starving. You can’t shove that piece of pizza your student isn’t touching in your face, even if no one is looking. It probably does smell like a gourmet steak dinner by now.

You can’t sit and color with the Principal if you get angry.

You can’t eat one of the birthday kid’s cupcakes. When there are 20 cupcakes for 21 students, they will notice.

No more naps applies to adults, too. Sorry.

Parents send their kids to school sick at times. It’s usually “that kid” with the worst behavior and best attendance. Sorry, you can’t turn them right back around and send them back home with a note that says “quarantined”.

Question: What is something you did as a child you wish you could do as an adult?