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Ladies, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of an amazing group of women learning to following Christ with all our hearts, souls, and minds.  During the week of Sept. 3, I will begin an online version of the Losing It group devotional I have been writing. 

Here are five reasons you should join us and invite a friend!

1. You will meet an amazing group of women from around the country and form life long friendships.

2. You’ll receive support and encouragement in living out what you believe. We can’t do it alone!

3. We will have the opportunity to make a difference in each others lives and the lives of others.

4. You’ll get useful links and practical ideas to use throughout your week.

5. We’ll continue to support and encourage one another after the study is finished.

More info.:

We’ll meet once a week for eight weeks via Google+ chat or another free chat program.

Meetings will last one hour, plus a few outside assignments.

We’ll meet on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday nights from 8-9pm Central. It depends on what works with most of our schedules.

I’ve convinced you to join? Great! You are in for a bible study unlike any other. Email me at meltitus@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter @meltitus, or comment below with your email address to reserve your space in the group. Please let me know if you want to join us by August 31.

I will post updates and the meeting schedule via Twitter.

Want to know what you are in for? Download a free sample of the first few weeks here.