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Angelo Gonzalez (Creative Commons)

July 14 marked three years since our marriage fell apart after the revelation of my husband’s infidelity. On the first anniversary it was like salt in an open wound. The wound was still wide open and it was painful. I was still processing my anger and it was devastating re-living the pain of the year before. It felt like it was happening all over again. There was the roller coaster of emotions inviting me to ride again. I had to get on. I had to deal with the pain or it would deal with me.

This year I forgot. I knew the anniversary was coming up, but there was no anxiety over it. We took our dog to get an ultrasound that day. We were preoccupied with our little dog. The anniversary of “that day” never crossed our minds. As we waited, we spent our time shopping and talking. We had a fun day. We had a normal day.

The scar of my husband’s infidelity will always be there, but now I have been through more restoration than pain. We have normal, mundane days. Those days are beautiful. I cherish normalcy now more than I ever did before. My open wound is now a scar. My scar tells a story of grace and restoration.

What wounds from your past are now scars?

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