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Dominique Sanchez (Creative Commons)

Rejection? Not being good enough? Failure?

Dreamers face all of those fears, but I’m talking about a fear we don’t even want to think about, much less talk about.

We spend our time pursuing our dreams full force. We know our hard work will pay off someday. Our family and friends rally around us. We get into the groove of dream pursuit.

Yet one question lingers. Answering it could mean losing all our hard work. All those extra hours spent in vain.

What if my dream isn’t really my dream?

As we purse our dream, we begin to wonder if this is really what we were meant to do with our life. Is this really what God wants me to do? Am I really talented at this? What if I end up hating it?

The truth is, God’s idea of fulfilling a dream and our idea of what it looks like to accomplish a dream are different. I’ve always had this vision of how things would go if I began to pursue writing. Nothing has gone as planned. I’m so glad. It’s not meant to go as we plan. Maybe the original dream becomes a refined, better dream.

Our dream job might be more difficult and stressful than our 9-5. I thought teaching twenty plus five year olds eight hours a day was difficult, until I started writing. As a teacher, I experience success with my students many times per day. With writing there are good days and bad days. Sometimes there are weeks and months between the good and bad days. I feel like I’m running my own business and I’m not even getting paid yet. Writing is much more difficult than I ever imagined.

In the beginning, our dream is bigger than our ability.We are probably not going to be great or even good at first. In a sea of great, it takes time to stand out. It takes time to find your voice and a niche. In a recent chat on his website, I asked author Jon Acuff if he ever felt like giving up at first because he didn’t feel good enough at his dream. Here’s what he said, “At the start of a dream, your desire is always bigger than your talent. That’s why you have to practice your dream. We often buy the lie that you have to be amazing at your dream right away.”

Your original dream may need to die, but it will be replaced with something better. Should we stop pursuing a dream just because it might not be where we ultimately end up? Of course not. We have no idea what God has planned. We have to trust Him and keep going. He is faithful. He loves us enough to give us the very best.

What fears have you had to face in pursuing your dream? Have you ever wondered if your dream is really what God wants you to do?