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jimmiehomeschoolmom (Creative Commons)

Every year I think my students end up teaching me more than I teach them. Here are five of my favorite lessons.

1. Do not touch a jellyfish even if it is not moving and looks dead. It could still be a little alive and sting you.

2. (A very sweet one) No one is perfect, you know. But Jesus is. Because of him we don’t have to be perfect. I’m so glad.

3. Don’t get accidentally locked out. You’ll have to sleep with monsters and they might not like you.

4. Don’t eat glue. It is not icing. Enough said.

5. Don’t be afraid if you lose a tooth. The one that will grow back is probably a shark tooth.

Real wisdom from five year olds. Happy Friday!

Share in the comments things you have learned from your children or students!