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Photo Credit: Dawn-Pink Chick (Creative Commons)

A few weeks ago, I did something I have not done in years. My husband and I were taking a walk in our neighborhood when I saw a set of sprinklers come on. He ran over to the grass, but I decided to stay there. I ran back and forth until my jeans were soaked. Those few moments in the sprinkler were a blast! We all need these moments. They help us love deeply, laugh heartily, and truly live. Here’s a poem I wrote to inspire you to let your inner kid come out to play this weekend.

Run through the sprinkler (you know you want to).

Watch the clouds roll by.

Make shadow puppets in the dark.

Try to fly.

Climb a tree and view the world from “up there”.

Hide and seek.

Laugh until you can’t speak.

Let the raindrops fall on your hair.

Stand up high.

Try to touch the sky.

Run free inner child in me.

What have you done recently to bring out your inner kid?