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I’ve read so many great posts on marriage lately, I thought I would include my favorites here instead of writing an ode to the wonderfulness of my husband. Although, I can’t guarantee you won’t see the post about my hubby in the future.

Conflict Can Help You Grow from Live Simply, Love

Rebuilding Trust in the Bedroom from Hot, Holy, and Humorous. Great advice! Been there. It’s tough, but there is hope.

10 Day Challenge at One Flesh Marriage. I have to admit I have not done this one, yet, but it sounds awesome. Putting this on my, I mean our, to do list!

Who’s Teaching Whom? from My Beloved is Mine. This one is about how the church has made talking about sex in marriage taboo. We do a great job encouraging singles in purity, but we are missing the mark in educating couples about sex after marriage.

Which one is your favorite post? Were there any you disagree with?

I am not an affiliate of any of these blogs nor do I receive compensation or free products from them. I just enjoy spreading good writing.

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