No fancy intro., just the list. I will try to include some fiction. It will be difficult, but I will try. Can’t wait to read your list! Find more great lists at Sarah Mae’s linkup here.

This Momentary Marriage…John Piper

I watched a video on YouTube about a couple reading this book together. The husband was in an accident before they got married which resulted in a brain injury. He is no longer able to fully care for himself. Their story is amazing and inspiring. I hope they write their story. I’ll post a link when I find the video.

What Women Fear…Angie Smith

I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile. We all want to live without fear, but it’s not always easy. Looks like an encouraging read for those of us who want to live boldly.

Unglued…Lysa Terkeurst

The description says it all, “making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.” This makes me think of when I’m driving. I hate driving. I definitely have some raw emotions and not so healthy ways of reacting to bad driving.

The Harbinger…Jonathan Cahn

A mentor and friend recommended this book. Ancient mystery…America’s future…fictional, action packed narrative. Yep, this one is fiction. I don’t know if the author wants us to believe it’s all true, but it’s definitely thought provoking. Can’t wait to check this one out!

Out of the Silent Planet…C.S. Lewis

I’m on a roll with fiction! This is a lesser known sci-fi classic. I have always wanted to read more C.S. Lewis other than the Narnia series. This sounds interesting.

The Iron Lady…John Campbell

Saw the movie version, need to read the book about another strong willed M.T.

Robert Frost Selected Poems…Robert Frost

I love poetry. I would love to get back in touch with my poetic side. Love the beauty and wisdom in Robert Frost’s words.

Realistically, this is probably all I’ll have time to read before the end of the year, if I actually meet that lofty goal! This might be a 2012-2013 reading list. What are you reading this year?

Oh, I forgot to mention Devotions for the Beach and the Bible. I read a little each morning with my coffee.