Great “story” or not, I will not be partaking in the “magic” of Mike. I’m not condemning you for doing so, but I do have some better suggestions. None of these movies have perfectly cut men dancing around in thongs, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love them anyway. Grab your honey, your friends, or your fur babies and check these out this weekend.

1. When Harry Met Sally

Yeah, you’ve seen it. Watch it again! Classic Meg Ryan, great story, lots of laughs. Works for date night or a night with the girls.

2. New Year’s Eve

Give Woody Allen a chance if you aren’t a fan. The hubby and I didn’t like Valentine’s Day, but enjoyed New Year’s Eve. Feel good story, great cast, will help you remember a time when it was above melting outside.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s & Sabrina

How can you resist Audrey? Have an Audrey Hepburn marathon. Both movies are classic, timeless, romantic comedies. It’s fascinating to watch her play these two characters.

Go get your redbox on.