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While interning at a homeless shelter at 21, I lead an evening group. My group was about on the job etiquette/professionalism. The residents took me seriously and soaked in every bit of what I had to say…or they interjected their own thoughts and began a group discussion instead of listening to someone who had never held a real job lecturing them about how to get and keep a job. I’m glad I decided to go with the flow and let them talk. It ended up being a great group. I don’t know if it helped anyone get or keep a job, but it did provide an outlet for the residents to vent and encourage each other.

Fast forward to the fall of 2009. I began attending a support group while my husband attended Celebrate Recovery. I met women going through the same thing. My CR group was a place where I could vent and process my anger in a healthy way. I had the support and accountability of the women in my group. They encouraged me to let go of trying to control my husband and focus on changes I needed to make. They spoke the truth to me in love, when it was needed. We celebrated our successes and mourned our losses together.

On to 2010. My husband and I began attending a marriage class at our church. We really didn’t know what to expect. It blew us away! We had never been to a marriage class or conference that focused on meeting in a small group. We were used to lecture style classes. We decided to become facilitators because of the great impact the class had in our marriage. We’ve had the privilege of facilitating four groups of couples. We still keep in touch with some of our first couples and have been able to support and encourage them outside of the class or the materials.

All of these groups stand out from typical bible studies and lecture conferences. In the last two groups, I saw what it was like when members of the body of Christ hold each other accountable to acting out God’s word in their lives. I began looking for a bible study or devotional to do with some of the women from the marriage class. I found some great studies. They were all based on scripture and said a lot of great sounding things. I’m sure they have helped women grow closer to Christ. However, in an age of social media obsession and serious lack of face time, women need something more than scripture followed by discussion. Women need accountability to act on the scripture and discussion. We can all pretend long enough to act like we are living out God’s word. We can post all of the great things we are doing and how happy we are on Facebook. We can sit in bible studies for weeks, months, and years without anyone ever really knowing who we really are. Losing It is about knowing and being known.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I will talk about the format of Losing It, the Getting Started Kit I am putting together, and how to get the study.