I said I would blog about the process of chasing my dream/getting published, so here goes. I’m working on a devotional study for women called Losing It.  You can find more info. about the study and download the first two weeks on the Losing It page.  The more I read about traditional publishing vs. ebooks, the more confused I am. Do I really want to go through the long and tedious process of traditional publishing? Do I want to suffer rejection after rejection? No. It might be easier to create and sell an ebook version. It’s just, the dreamer in me wants to go through the whole process of submitting that first manuscript via snail mail.  My dreamer knows this is the kind of study women are craving.

My practical side says “ebook it”. It’s quicker (hypothetically), no rejection letters to open, traditional books are on their way out anyway…the list goes on.  My practical side tells the dreamer, “Ebooks get published all the time. Maybe the right person will read the ebook and want to publish it. Maybe a literary agent will see it.”  Do I really need an agent? If I want to go the traditional route, probably. If I want to go with an ebook, probably not.  It’s a tough decision and one I need to pray about and weigh carefully. My goal is to get Losing It to the right people. Who are the right people?  Women who are tired of traditional bible studies and want more. Women who want a study with accountability and lasting change.  Getting the study to the right people seems easy enough, but I know it will be a challenge.

I have so much more to learn, but I’m on my way. Lord, help me!

Have you written an ebook? Why did you choose to write an ebook over traditional publishing?