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A few months ago, I stopped procrastinating and finally began chasing my dream of becoming a writer. I’ve read a lot of books and blogs, I’ve watched podcasts and videos on how to become a better writer, and I’ve made connections with other writers/bloggers. Which have I gained the most from? Making connections. I’ve learned there are three types of people you need to connect with when chasing a dream.

1. The person who has made it in your dream field. I call them the “person with a million twitter followers”. They may not have a million followers yet, but they have an established business or following and they know the ins and outs of their profession well. They blog advice to the beginning dreamers like us. @JonAcuff has made it in my dream field. Find someone like Jon who is willing to share advice and tips for newbies. Consider writing to them for advice. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

2. The person a little ahead of you. This is the “person with 1,000 twitter followers”. They have worked hard to accomplish their dream (yes, you have to work a dream into coming true) and have built a loyal following. They may get paid for their dream, but they might not make a living from it just yet. Definitely write for advice, follow them on Facebook/Twitter, and retweet/share their best stuff. They just might return the favor and help you make more connections in your dream field.

3. The person just starting out, like you. How will an unknown person like you help you get closer to living the dream? Our peers are great at giving constructive criticism/feedback, cheering us on with encouragement, and attending countless conferences with us. Chasing a dream is tough. The more support from those who are right there with us we have, the better.

Enjoy the chase!