Even before I could hold a pencil correctly, I wanted to write. I would sit down with scrap paper my Mom gave me and scribble lines and pictures until I felt I had fully conveyed my story. On an episode of Punky Brewster, Punky began writing in her diary. I still couldn’t write, but I insisted on getting a diary. In second grade, there was a writing contest. I dreamed of writing a story about two kids who magically shrink to the size of rats and get trapped in their freezer. Don’t worry, they find a way to escape. My story didn’t win, but I thought it was great. I found my dream. In fourth grade I got to attend the Young Author’s Convention.

A few months ago, I began pursuing my dream. For years I have had wonderful ideas, scribbled ideas or first paragraphs in notebooks, but fear prevented me from following through.  I made every excuse in the book. I could start a blog, but I’m not good at blogging (How did I know when I had never tried?). I could write my story, but who wants to read that? I could write a screenplay, but it will probably never get made into a movie, so why bother?  Enter a book called Quitter by Jon Acuff.  My husband and I were volunteering at Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover when we heard about this Acuff guy and his book. We didn’t know who he was, so we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to go meet him at his table. Thankfully, we were smart enough to get Quitter.

I finished reading Quitter in just a few days, record time for me. Memories from my dream of writing flashed in my mind and I realized I am a writer. I am not successful yet, but I am a writer. I am pursuing my dream, making my voice heard, getting my passion on paper. I finally stopped making excuses and got started. It may not be much, but everyone has to begin somewhere.

What excuses do you make or have you made to not get started on your dream?