I “got saved” when I was eight. From then until about a year ago,I read the bible here and there. To be honest, I didn’t like it. I didn’t see the purpose in it, even after hearing all the sermons on the usefulness of scripture or reading books on how to read it. I just didn’t want to read it. I figured letting others, such as pastors, tell me what was in the bible was good enough for me. I thought the scripture read in church was sufficient,but something was still missing. I wanted to follow Christ, but I felt like I didn’t really know him, not intimately the way I longed to know Him. I realized the only way to know Him was to read His word, even if it was boring or unintelligible to me. It actually developed into a daily habit because I now enjoy reading the bible. Here is how I got there.

I began with Romans. A youth minister once suggested to begin there. I finally followed his advice and found Paul’s teachings interesting and relatable. I continued on all the way to Revelation. There is no right or wrong order to read the bible. It has to be meaningful to you.

I’m taking my time. I’m only halfway through the bible almost a year later.There are days I have time to read several pages and days I read a paragraph or re-read, as needed. If I’m not taking the time to understand and apply God’s word to my life, what’s the point?

I began to research the culture and traditions of the time period I’m reading about. It helps me understand more about what I read. A good bible commentary is very helpful.

I began to write down or highlight what Jesus says in the gospels. This helps me meditate on His words. I always think about how His words apply to that time period and how they apply to me today. What is He saying about being a Christ follower? That question could apply to any scripture you read.

Find out what works for you. There are still times I don’t enjoy the bible, especially reading the old testament. It’s important for me to remember that although I may not always enjoy it, I need it. I need the daily renewing of my mind. That’s something I always enjoy.