Our JRT makes me laugh until I cry

I promise I’ve been working hard to come up with something profound to say about my ankle sprain. I’ve been hoping and praying for some serious wisdom to impart from this experience. Today, however, profound thoughts elude me. Maybe it’s because there are three days of school left or because I have “sprained ankle brain” (Is that a thing? Now it is!). Right now all I can think about is being a funny goofball. Maybe that’s exactly what I (and you) need.

On the way home from work I was thinking about all the funny skits or screenplays I would write if all my wildest dreams came true instantly. Then I thought about a colleague who told me she bets I’m getting a real “kick” out of all the crutches jokes. I started laughing to myself, and you know what (in Vancome lady from Mad TV voice)? It felt good. Laughing gives you a temporary break from whatever life throws at you. No worries. No hurries. No thinking about how you will pay that bill or what’s for dinner. In my case, no thinking about how am I going to get up the stairs or carry that bowl of ice cream (I will find a way for ice cream!).

The most profound thought I have right now is to laugh. Laugh profoundly. Laugh heartily until the tears flow and you get the hiccups. God invented it. I alone am proof God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I think He gave us a sense of humor for much more than simple pleasure. Sometimes it is truly the little break in our day that He uses to sustain us. A little laughter goes a long way. The bible says that there is a time (His time) for everything under heaven. Now is the time to laugh. Don’t let the joy drain from your life in the midst of difficulty. Profound laughter is a profound gift.

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