My Mom used to sing this little song to me when I would begin to complain as a kid. It went something like “Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings, see what God has done.” I am not sure who the original writer is. I always thought my Mom made it up. I would cringe as she sang it. I wanted to continue complaining! This little song was so annoying, but my Mom was right.

I find myself doing the same thing in marriage. Isn’t it funny how we can think of all the things our spouse doesn’t do for us, but if asked to think of all the great things they do we have to think for a minute? I know I have to. It’s not that I have a lousy husband. It’s my own attitude. I choose not to see the great things. Last Thursday I was frustrated. I was hoping for an opportunity to spend time with my hubby. He had to work the weekend before, our week was very busy, and Mother’s Day was coming up. I felt like we were just coming home, taking care of errands, going to bed, and waking up the next morning to go to work. Repeat. I ended up being resentful towards him instead of the situation. I felt like he didn’t care about me. I forgot about all the things he does so that I don’t have to do them. I forgot that I’m not always the perfect wife.

On Friday, to add one more thing to our already full plate, I sprained my ankle. I wish I could say it was from surfing, kayaking, or something really cool. Nope. I was at field day with my Kindergarten students. Who did I call to come get me? My hubby. At first he was frustrated. How could we possibly add one more thing to our plate? In spite of his frustration, he sat with me for more than two hours at a doctor’s office. He helped me use the restroom and bought me something to drink while we waited for the doctor. He helped me learn to use crutches and did whatever he could to make me more comfortable. Today I had to take the day off to rest. Before he left for work, my hubby set up my nightstand with a pitcher of water, the meds I need to take, breakfast, and my daily cup of coffee. He made sure I had everything I need before leaving for work.

I had no idea how the little things you do every day are impacted by a sprained ankle. Lose the use of just one leg and you have to learn to do almost everything in a new way. Everything seems like a chore. You begin to appreciate the little things. You begin to accept help when you really don’t want to. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things my husband does for me, when I am hurt and every single day. Thank you, Lord, for using my sprained ankle to help me appreciate my hubby and deepen my relationship with him and You.

What does your hubby do for you that you have failed to appreciate?