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My husband and I have paid off around $50k of debt in a little over a year. I can’t say it has all been fun. We don’t drive luxury cars, go on cruises, go on shopping sprees, or eat out much. We are so far from keeping up with the Joneses it’s not even funny. We also have zero credit card debt. When we tell friends or new people we meet about being on Dave Ramsey’s envelope system from Total Money Makeover, they often assume we never have fun or get out of the house. I have to admit it does feel that way at times, but we do actually enjoy ourselves. We even have date nights. I call them “Dave” dates. There is always money in the envelope for these. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Drive In
We love loading the Prius with pillows and blankets and heading to the drive in for a movie. It is cheaper than the theater and no one gets mad if you talk. Don’t have one nearby? Try finding a free outdoor movie at the park or an art museum.

Sonic Happy Hour
I know it sounds cheesy. It’s actually really fun. Get your favorite drinks and spend some time gazing at the clouds or listening to music, singing at the top of your lungs.

Dance in the Dark
One night we decided to turn the lights off and take turns picking songs to slow dance to from our iPad. This is a great one for the Moms and Dads after your kiddos are in bed. We had a great time dancing cheek to cheek with no interruptions (from our fur babies).

Fitness Class
Getting in shape together can actually be fun. Some boot camps and fitness clubs offer discounts to new participants. We did a co-ed boot camp together one summer. We both lost weight and it helped us grow closer by supporting one another’s goals. Not sure it’s for you? Most groups will let you visit for a small fee to try the class out. Even if they don’t advertise discounts or visitor days, it never hurts to ask.

Explore Smallville
Every small town and even former small towns typically have a town square. Most are complete with quaint restaurants, antique shops, a courthouse, and they might even have a clock tower. We love Denton, Texas. We love an old book store we found there.

What are your favorite cheap dates?