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I had a sudden revelation today. Don’t you love those? You are sitting in traffic, walking around Target, or in some other random place. That “still, small voice” comes to you as you let your mind wander. Then it happens. Oh, that’s what God wants me to do. That’s what Jesus meant when He said love your enemies. That’s why I can’t literally heap coals on Fran’s head. Got it.

I was finishing up lunch after a long conversation with Fran. It was one of those in your head conversations you have with someone when you want to go over what you will say next time. The plan I devised was great. If she got ugly, I would leave. I would remove myself from the situation. I was feeling pretty good until my phone buzzed. Guess who? I usually don’t answer if she calls, which is rare. What could she possibly need from me? She didn’t need anything. She gave me a…wait for it (yes, I’m referencing Barney from HIMYM)…compliment. Sort of. She asked about something I pinned. She wanted to try the project and thought it was something I had probably already done. Not exactly the best compliment, but I’ll take it.

Maybe Fran was turning over a new leaf. Maybe she was changing. I believe people can and do change. Why not Fran? This is where God stepped in. I was reminded that we can do all things through Him, but nothing apart from Him. Fran is far from God right now. Without Him, she will never change. She might be a little nicer at times. I might dislike her slightly less. Who knows, we might not be frenemies someday. The problem is that no matter what she fills her life with, she will always long for more. She will always have the wounds from her past haunting her and preventing her from true joy. Without healing from the Healer, she will never change.

*Details about Fran have been altered to protect her identity