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It’s funny how God uses the normal, seemingly mundane things in our daily lives to teach and mold us. Like teacher luncheons. Every year I look forward to the luncheon hosted by our PTA during teacher appreciation week. Our PTA pulls out the best for us. They bring all of their amazing, homemade goodness for our dining pleasure.

Today was luncheon day. I was so excited until I realized I would be in a meeting when the luncheon began and there might not be anything left by the time my late lunch came around. So I threw myself a pity party. Cue the sad violin music. Everyone would get to enjoy all the fabulous food…except me. The only thing left for me would be scraps. A half eaten plate of rock hard brownies and a stale casserole. Ick. I was really feeling sorry for myself until God reminded me how blessed I am. Then I was fine and grateful. Hardly. I asked Him if all that would be left for me were scraps. He asked if I was talking about food or something more.

It was about something more. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting scraps while others are getting the best. I question God’s faithfulness and all knowing ability to know what is best. Why? Because I’m comparing myself to the world’s standard of success. When I look at a friend with a huge house or a friend I consider more successful I question why God hasn’t done those things for me. It’s not fair! Life is not fair, but I know God is. His purpose is perfect for me. It’s not always fair. It is just what I need to become the best me possible. See Jeremiah 29:11 and on.

By the way, when I walked into the lounge to get some food there was so much food left the hostess asked if I wanted to take some home! I couldn’t believe how many tables full of food there were. I jumped to conclusions before I even saw what was waiting for me. What was waiting was more than I could ever imagine. If only I had waited and trusted the truth. He will never leave us out. We are His and we are precious.

Do you ever question God’s ability to provide? Do you ever feel like God is unfair?