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Sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Although I usually end up loving it, socializing is exhausting for me.  Almost every time we get an invitation to dinner, are getting ready to go to a bible study, or get an invitation to any social event where I will have to actually put forth effort to be sociable, I begin to make excuses. Maybe I really need to stay home to work on my blog (because my approx. 40 followers NEED me). Maybe Jesus really wanted me to sleep in this morning instead of making the effort to go to church.  We have been social enough this week and I am social all day long at my job. I need a break from people. Introverts do need breaks to recharge at times, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid social situations by making excuse after excuse.

Tonight I really didn’t want to go to our Sunday night bible study.  It’s not that I have anything against Jesus or the bible or the people in our study. They are all great. I am just lazy sometimes and getting to know new people can be uncomfortable. It takes so much more effort to actually put yourself out there.  You can’t just phone it in when you are really trying to build connections with other people. You have to try. It’s hard for me to try because of the way I’ve gotten burned by friendships in the past. I let others in to a certain point, but if I see the potential for close connection I end up shutting down or making efforts to keep things as shallow as possible. I sabotage myself from experiencing the best God has for me.

We did end up going tonight. We shared laughter, food, good conversation, good bible study…surprisingly, we had a good time (shock).  Had I stayed at home to think of new tweets, paint my toenails, or vegetate in front of  Downton Abbey with the hubby, I would have missed making those connections. I may have missed a moment or conversation God planned for me to be part of.    Sometimes I believe the lie that I don’t need more connections, but the truth is we all need more connections. We could all use more people in our lives who will support, encourage, and pray for us. Don’t sabotage yourself by making excuses. We miss great opportunities when we fill our lives with “busyness” instead of investing in the people around us.

As a side note, who can really vegetate in front of Downton Abbey? That show is complicated! My brain hurts trying to keep up.