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Although I consider myself a Penny among Sheldons and Leonards (my Dad, brother, and husband all speak nerd), I am learning the nerd language and culture. A few years ago I might not have cared about the nerd holiday season. Now that I’ve been through NSL (nerd as a second language), I’m almost fluent. I might have even picked up a FEW nerd tendencies myself.

So what nerd holidays should you be aware of? How can a Penny celebrate?

You missed a big one yesterday, but that’s okay. On May the 4th nerds everywhere say “May the Fourth Be With You”…it’s sort of like saying “Happy Holidays”. You can still greet a nerd this way. I wouldn’t, unless it’s May 4th. Otherwise, you will be corrected about having the wrong date.

You also missed opening day of The Avengers yesterday. Don’t worry, though. It’s still opening weekend. You still have time to celebrate. No, you do not have to wear a cape to the showing.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, but for nerds there is an even more momentous occasion. Today is Free Comic Book Day. Comic book stores everywhere give out a free comic (the same one I believe) to their customers. Not a rare or vintage edition. But, hey, it’s free. If you are a Penny and your hubby loves comic books, tell him you are willing to celebrate. Your willingness to celebrate any of these special occasions with your nerd will win brownie points.

Happy Nerd Holidays!