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I’ll just cut to the chase. If you have no idea where your keys are right now, forgot why you went into a room today, or have already been distracted during the few seconds it has taken to read this, you are organizationally challenged. You are not alone. 1 in 3 people lose their keys on a daily basis (okay, so I made that one up). I don’t know how many people lose their keys daily, but I know how many times I do. We’ll skip that number. On to the tips.

-Your laundry will not walk itself to the hamper. If you wash a shoe or important paper because your pile of clothes was that huge, there is a problem (might have done this). Put it up as soon as you take it off.

-To do lists are only good if you have ONE list. Stop making a list every five minutes, losing another list, then going on a tirade of the house trying to find at least one of your lists.

-No, that dirty plate will not be fine sitting on the coffee table “for a few more minutes”. It will not walk itself to the sink and as much as you want to remember to put it up, you won’t.

-Find something to focus on so that you can listen when someone is speaking. People can tell when you say “uh huh” and have no clue what the topic of conversation is.  They know something is up when you laugh out loud at a joke that was clearly not funny (may have done this a FEW times).

-Clutter is not cute. It is not cute to still have the gum (chewed) in your purse you chewed on an airplane last year. You do not need the church bulletin from 3 years ago. It’s okay to let go of the coupon for a free ice dream at Chick-fil-a expiration date 2010. They ARE Chick-fil-a, but even they have to draw the line somewhere. You are not getting that cone.

So go get organized.