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Ever had to be rescued from running out of gas? Yeah, well, I have. Several times, much to the chagrin of my husband. When my husband and I were dating I had to drive about an hour to get to his apartment. One night I was driving back to my apartment and my car began to slow down. I couldn’t speed up. I had to pull over to the side of the road on a dark highway with one gas station about a mile away. I was halfway home. I thought I could make it because my little 200sx had a “broken” gas gauge. I could always go a little further on empty, at least I thought I could. There I was, stranded. I was not about to walk a mile in the dark to get gas for my car and risk getting picked up by some psycho (paranoid much?). I reluctantly called my husband (then boyfriend). My voice was shaking when he answered because I knew he would be frustrated. I felt like such a failure at that moment. I didn’t want to disappoint him or make him think I was some ditzy bimbo. I didn’t want to have to suffer the embarrassment of admitting I didn’t really check how far I had gone on empty. In that moment I kind of was a ditzy bimbo. Who keeps going when their gas gauge says empty?

We all do. At least I know I do. Even when I know I have no energy left, I’m spent, and my stress eye twitch starts acting up, I keep pressing on. Just one more thing. Just one more tweet. One more lesson plan or pin on Pinterest. After all that I have nothing left for my husband or anyone else. Sometimes I don’t even have the “fuel” left to do some relaxing like vegging in front of a movie or relaxing in a booth at a favorite restaurant. I just don’t have it in me. When this happens I know it’s time to stop. If I don’t stop, I usually get sick or something happens to stop me from being able to do a single thing. God has a way of getting our attention when we are running on empty trying to do everything and save the world. Sound familiar?

He never gives us more than we can handle, but he also set the example of the need for rest. Stop. Do nothing.Rest.


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