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Almost. Candace Cameron Bure, aka DJ Tanner, came to Dallas one Sunday. I have a more than slight girl crush on her. A few (not very many) people once told me I looked similar to her (these people meaning my Mom’s 2nd graders). I have always admired her good example and wanted to be a child actress at one time just like her. My kind husband got up early to drive me to the church she was speaking at. I was giddy as a schoolgirl thinking about all the cool Jesus stuff she would say. I couldn’t wait to find out what she was wearing and how she was wearing it. Would she be as thin and gorgeous in person (she was)?

She spoke for a few minutes but I honestly don’t remember much of what she said. She was so cool and I wanted to be just like her. I felt inspired by her success. I teared up more than a little. Then we found out she was signing her new book (Reshaping It All, great btw) in the lobby. People were actually meeting her. In person! I looked at the long line, though. And I knew I would cry and girl crush out on her if I shook her hand. I am a catharsis kind of person. It all floods at once. I decided no one needed to see my smeared mascara and public humiliation fest. So, we left.

What?? Why?? That’s what I would tell myself now. I let my nerves and fear of embarrassment rob me of an awesome chance to thank someone who has made such an impact in my life. Ridiculous.

I did get to meet Dave Ramsey when we volunteered at Total Money Makeover. I prepared in advance not to chicken out and practiced the moment in my head until I was sure I was ready. He briefly shook my hand, said thank you using my name, then headed on. It was awesome. We didn’t know if we would get to meet him because we were told he doesn’t always get to meet everyone. But I made sure I was ready and I will never mess up that kind of opportunity again, at least not intentionally.

Ever messed up a great opportunity?