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I get so serious sometimes I thought it would be fun (and a new challenge for me) to write something light on Fridays. So, here we go…

I have an issue with fiction. It’s not that I don’t like it. For some reason, even when I really try, I end up leaving the bookstore with either nothing or a few non-fiction books. Here is how my visits usually go: Self help, biographies, quote books, and devotionals draw me in. I can’t help myself. Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter? Not happening. The Hunger Games. Hmmm. I finally got out from under the rock I sometimes live under and saw the movie. Maybe the books would be good? They are really long books and there are three in the series. I quickly spot a biography about Margaret Thatcher (another stubborn MT) and lose interest in Katniss. I see yet another Reagan biography, which also intrigues me. Not big on politics, but these two intrigue me. I spend a little time perusing the features of the new Nook. Then it’s back to cookbooks or diets or travel guides. Sigh. It shouldn’t be this hard to learn to appreciate fiction. Maybe it’s the ADD at work, but I just can’t focus on most fiction. I lose interest after a couple chapters and stop reading. Preferring non-fiction is not really a problem, per se, but I have noticed that I personally tend to get on self help kicks. Those are the only books I read for months at a time and it gets exhausting. I feel like I have to implement everything in the books. I need a break. I need mostly brainless fun.

A few days ago we headed to the bookstore on a quest to find some fiction. Summer is coming up and we are driving to South Padre this year, so I need something to read on the way. No more self improvement for awhile. It’s time for some fun. I immediately check out The Hunger Games again. Still too long. Too sad. I want to laugh. A few years ago I read The Devil Wears Prada. It was really funny. I look at books from the same author. They are way too drama heavy. I work with 99% women, I don’t need more drama. I spot Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants. Should be funny, but it doesn’t really count as fiction, does it? No…but, it would be a fun read. Then I spot Mindy Kaling’s new book. I flip through the first few pages and I’m instantly hooked. Hilarious! But, not fiction. I’m really trying to find any kind of fiction that interests me. I find out Mindy’s new book is cheaper on the Nook. I decide to download it and walk towards the entrance. On a table at the front I find Look Me in the Eyes. It’s about a man with Asperger’s who was diagnosed at age 40. I have the sample on the Nook. I decide to get the paper version. I just have to. It’s been on my bucket list of books for months. Still no fiction. Then I find the book I am currently almost done with, MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Why is she seeking a new BFF? I check out the first few pages and the back. She’s going on 52 dates in one year to find her new BFF after moving from New York to Chicago. I have to get this one too.It seems funny and relatable (it is).

So my quest for fiction didn’t pan out so well. I did find some great new reads, though. And none of them is self help, so it counts right?

What fiction (or fun non-fiction) are you reading?