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I’m not one to gossip, but…Actually, I am one to gossip. I’m not known for it per se, but I can’t honestly say I haven’t taken part in dishing the latest hearsay. I’m sure men gossip too, but I think it’s a bigger problem for women. Men tend to solve their problems and fulfill their ego needs differently. Like taking things outside or going to shoot guns. Or whatever they do. Women engage in a delicate passive aggressive dance. It’s complicated.

Gossip is like Nestlé Tollhouse’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. A friend made them for us one time and we were hooked. If you follow the recipe, they end up being this morph between a cookie and cake. These special cookies give me a temporary high no other cookie can. But, if I keep eating them, I get sick. After half a pan, the magic wears off. Gossip feels great at first but doesn’t taste so good later.

If you don’t gossip, awesome. Is your name Jesus? Just kidding, but really. Be honest with yourself. How do you know it’s happening? Regardless of outward appearances, our hearts reveal the truth. What is your true motivation in sharing? There is good gossip. Most of the time it’s not good. If any part of us is looking to feel better about ourselves by sharing something about someone else, it’s gossip. If we are trusted not to share information and we do anyway, it’s gossip. If our true intent is anything other than the edification, encouragement, or support of another person, it is probably gossip. Before you share, look at your intentions. If you feel convicted about what you are about to do, don’t share. Most of the time the answer to “should I share this?” is “no”. What if others are gossiping? How do you avoid it? Avoid it. Walk away. Change the topic and share some good gossip. Set the example and maybe others will follow suit. If not, you know you are living with integrity.

Spread some good gossip in the comments! It can be about yourself.