Remember Wayne and Garth from SNL? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go ask a friend born in the 80s or earlier before continuing. Remember when they were so enamored with a celebrity guest that they immediately began shouting “We’re not worthy!” ? I am anything but a biblical scholar, so that’s the kind of picture I get of Simon and the other fishermen when Jesus casts their nets in Luke 5:6-11. Their nets begin to tear and the boats become so full of fish they begin to sink. Simon tells Jesus he isn’t worthy…he is a sinful man (picture Garth in the role of Simon). What I love is what happens next. Jesus does not agree with Simon. He does not list Simon’s sins or explain how unworthy or unfit he is for ministry. He could, but he doesn’t. Jesus tells Simon not to be afraid and then tells him that he is now going to catch people! He meets Simon right where he is at and gives him a glimpse of the impact His ministry will have. If that’s not hope, I don’t know what is.

There are so many times I feel unworthy. There are so many times I think , “why me?” I feel just like Simon. But, when I read that passage, I realize fear is the culprit. What does Jesus say about fear? What does Jesus say about being unworthy? He says do not be afraid, now let’s go catch some people (paraphrased from Luke 5:10) ! I have to trust Him to use me for His purpose no matter how scared I am and no matter how unworthy I feel. After all, it’s not really about me.

How can you relate to Simon? Do you ever let feeling unworthy stop you from doing something you feel called to do?