I love Pinterest. When I find a pin like “1,001 ways to de-clutter your home” I pin that baby up! I make plans to dig through all my clutter and finally get organized.  I am always looking for better ways to clean, organize, and make my home more inviting. I bet you are, too. We readily admit that we are clutter queens and laugh at our messes. When company comes unexpectedly we say, “oh, excuse the clutter” or “oh, excuse our mess”. Acknowledging our outer mess is mostly pain- free. We are reluctant to and often fail to face our inner clutter. Where is the pin for handling our inner mess? Maybe there is one, but I have yet to see a pin that says “How to stop hating yourself”, “1,001 ways to deal with your past”, or “10 ways to organize your thoughts and change your attitudes”.  The reason we don’t see pins like this is because facing our inner mess is painful. Taking off the mask we put on for others and facing the reasons we put on a false self in the first place is difficult. We might face embarrassment.  We might lose friendships or other relationships. Maybe we’ve been pretending normal for so long that we don’t believe there is any other way to be. Maybe we don’t see how we can really heal from the things in our past we have hidden for so long.  Facing our inner clutter comes with a cost, but it also means healing and freedom. Jesus tells us we are free because of His sacrifice for us on the cross. When we enter into a relationship with Him we become a new creation…the old has gone and the new has come.  He wants us to face our inner mess with His help. He wants us to let go and receive healing from our wounds beyond our wildest dreams. First, we have to be brave enough to face them.

Share in the comments how you have faced your inner clutter. You may have a story someone else needs to hear.